About MRS

MRS represents the Materials Research Society, the premier graduate student organization for the department of Materials Science and Engineering. Our core value is that success comes from a collaborative and supportive network—a sentiment shared by professors and students alike in our department. Our mission is to foster an amicable and open environment in which grad students feel safe to share ideas and are supported by their fellow peers.

Throughout the year, we organize all sorts of social activities, such as our Halloween party, Thanksgiving Potluck, trivia nights, karaoke, BBQ/pool parties, and more! We also host recreational activities including organized hiking trips, intramural sports, broomball, and paintball. Our professional events include industry and national lab information sessions (Intel, LAM Research, Sandia National Laboratory, etc.), as well as professional development luncheons.

We make sure that MRS is free for all MatSE graduate students. However, you can choose to support our organization through an annual membership of only $10, in which you will enjoy event discounts all throughout the year. For more incentive, the MatSE department generously offers to match all membership dues as additional funds for our organization. For more information about MRS, you may contact our E-board members here.